‘Stranger Things’ teasing something big with 24-hour livestream countdown


A mysterious new livestream of an otherwordly clock seems to be counting down to something big happening in 24-hours on the Stranger Things YouTube channel, presumably related to the forthcoming season four.

You can watch the livestream video above. You will be treated to a mysterious grandfather clock covered in some Lovecraftian tendrils that look like it is ripped straight from the upside-down. Some otherworldly webbing also covers both the clock and the tentacles. On the clock face itself, you will see the countdown timer from 24 hours, as well as a traditional clock face.

Throughout the stream, goosebump-inducing phenomena also occur, such as the piece of furniture billowing smoke, the clock face itself warping and stretching — as if in a dream, and mysterious personnel in white lab coats studying the object. The clock itself is in the middle of what appears to be a street in a middle American shopping district and surrounded by caution tape.

Normally, we would guess the countdown timer is perhaps leading up to the latest trailer or teaser. However, all of the trailers for Stranger Things season four on their YouTube channel were numbered, with the latest being designated “004/004,” suggesting there aren’t any more trailers on the way.

Another obvious guess might be that the countdown is leading up to the release of the fourth season itself, touted to be nearly twice as long as the previous season. However, Netflix previously announced Stranger Things Season Four Volume I will debut on May 27, with Season Four Volume II releasing on July 1.

We’ll just have to sit tight and see what this mysterious Stranger Things clock is counting down to when the timer reaches zero Tuesday. Hopefully, it won’t culminate in the fabric of our dimension being torn open.