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TikTokers are revealing what they’d be like if they were under Vecna’s curse in ‘Stranger Things’

Got a headache? Forget catching COVID-19, you're under Vecna's curse.

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Credit: Netflix / TikTok / @mattheperson / @idontlikesharks

If you were absolutely traumatized by the eye-popping deaths in Stranger Things season four then good news: so is all of TikTok. Mentally ill folks (hi!) on the clock app are making relatable shitposting memes about what they’d do if they heard the eerie grandfather clock sound of Vecna’s curse.

If you haven’t seen the new season, a tentacle Boogieman named Vecna preys on traumatized teens in Hawkins. His victims initially suffer from headaches, nosebleeds, violent nightmares, and past trauma before they start to hear the sound of a grandfather clock nearby and hallucinate people from their past trauma coming to life.

The only way to break his spell is to listen to their favorite song. If they don’t, Vecna teleports their spirit to his domain in the Upside Down and levitates their real body into the air. Their bones then crack as their eyes pop out of their sockets. Squish squish, bitch.

It’s absolutely crazy, and the Stranger Things fandom and I are still thinking about that first shocking death in the season four premiere. Fans made TikToks since the first part of the season dropped last weekend showing what their life would be like if they were under Vecna’s curse. Personally, I like to live dangerously AKA keep my phone under 20 percent so I know I would run out of battery power on my phone before I could stream Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Run Away With Me”.

A few of them joked the show had traumatised them to the point that they’d forgotten headaches could be a symptom of COVID-19 or the flu. Instead, they registered it as a sign Papa Slime was coming for them.

Damn, would be a real shame if someone didn’t have Spotify Premium right now…


vecna ain’t catchin me lackin 💀 #strangerthings #fypシ

♬ original sound – Taqwyd

Several made vids about how annoying it would be to hear the clock sound when you were focusing on something important, such as doing a sick winged eyeliner, on the toilet, or eating your favourite snack at 3am.


Id be so mad… but also not mad bc id be dead

♬ original sound – Taqwyd

im taking the toilet w me and running tf

♬ original sound – Taqwyd

Others simply joked that if they had an assignment due or were out of serotonin, they’d embrace the darkness and *run* towards the noise. Unlike other men, Vecna tells you when he’s on your way.

Okay this last one is just downright tentac-ruel.


Mf will turn into the flash rq😭#fyp #relatable

♬ original sound – Taqwyd

Wanna learn more about Vecna? Check out our explainers on the Stranger Things villain and his connection to Victor Creel.

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