‘Stranger Things’ was the most tweeted about show last week

stranger things 4
Image via Netflix

Alongside last week’s Grammy Awards and the fallout of the Academy Awards before that, Netflix had the most tweeted about series in the world last week thanks to the release of the highly anticipated trailer for Stranger Things season four.

The upcoming season of the series has drawn a ton of interaction on Twitter according to Variety’s Trending TV charts with over 427,000 engagements. This surpasses any other show with the closest contender being Marvel’s Moon Knight off the back of its third episode — charting fourth place with 275,000 engagements.

Further down the list are shows like Our Great National Parks, narrated by former President of the United States Barack Obama, and Hulu’s new series The Kardashians. Both drew in between 130,000 and 162,000 engagements.

While Stranger Things brought in incredible numbers. the first place was taken by the Grammys and the Academy Awards which drew in over 627,000 and 459,900 engagements respectively. But the award shows’ grip on social media looks to be loosening and we should see these numbers fall next week.

Stranger Things will release its fourth season in two parts with the first airing on Netflix on May 27. This comes three years after season three of the show last aired. The first part of the season will include five episodes with a second part containing just four episodes that are expected to debut at the beginning of July.

If you haven’t yet checked out Stranger Things you’ve still got plenty of time to binge through the first three season’s on Netflix before season four joins the streaming service late next month.