It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Review “Charlie And Dee Find Love” (Season 8, Episode 4)

While this is going on, Mac is peeping through the window as Dee drunkenly attempts to dance for Trevor. Just as they’re about to hump, Mac breaks in, landing in his trademark defensive stance. What catches him most off guard is Trevor is in an almost identical stance. They compare training and we find out that Mac’s is mostly of the Catholic sort.

Frank’s attempts to help the Waitress go horribly wrong, due mainly to the fact that Charlie’s list is in his own form of illiterate handwriting. Instead of vitamins in her shampoo to ensure her hair won’t fall out, Frank puts rat poison in to make sure it does fall out. The Waitress returns home and hears the noise in her bathroom, asking if it’s Charlie there. Frank insists he’s just her neighbor, before running at her screaming, hidden by a ski mask.

A bit after this Charlie takes Ruby to where the Waitress lives and confesses that it’s the home of the woman he loves, and before he can commit to Ruby, he needs to make sure he can move on. At this point the Waitress comes hobbling down the street. Her life has taken a substantial turn for the worst now that Charlie isn’t there to secretly take care of her, and she begs him to make things right, insulting Ruby in the process. At his point Charlie defends Ruby, and proceeds to kiss her calling her his girlfriend, and showing the most game and guts we’ve seen from him.

Elsewhere, Trevor is filming Mac and Dee as Mac shows off some of his favorite wrestling moves. Dee eventually gives Mac a wicked blow to the crotch which he returns with one of the same. Trevor wants to see more moves, but Mac says for the next bit they’re going to have to go ahead and get pretty oiled up, which Trevor agrees to.

The Gang is all invited to a party at the Taft house for their Father’s big announcement. Mac and Dee weren’t quite aware of the black-tie nature of the event, which, as predicted, is what Trevor wanted. It’s then revealed that him and his old frat brothers find losers to invite to all their parties. Mac and Dee are crushed when Dennis swoops in.

Dennis then unleashes his master plan for revenge, sticking up for his friends in a surprisingly effective way. It turns out as Mac and Trevor wrestled Trevor let Mac know the company was going public, and Mac should buy stocks. Insider trading and a very suspicious oiled wrestling video are ultimately how the Gang comes out on top.

Dennis gives his speech in his classic formal way, a way that only someone as vain and malicious as Dennis can. Dennis may be viewed as a secondary character to the humor of Charlie and Mac, but when he schemes and gets fired up when giving a speech, the result is a different kind of funny, but hilarious nonetheless.

I enjoyed the fact Dennis was actually right. It seemed obvious from the start of the episode that the Tafts were up to something, but the fact Dennis was so dead set on proving it made it seem likely that there was actually some other motive. It was a nice small twist that he was right all along.

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