It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Review: “Charlie Rules The World” (Season 8, Episode 8)

In the past on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Charlie has always been the lovable loser that you have to hope can get his break someday. Well with a title like Charlie Rules The World, it seemed there would be a good chance Charlie would have something go his way, and he definitely did, just not in the traditional world.

The Gang delves into the addictive world of online gaming, and fittingly they do it about 3 years after simple crop-based internet games were at their highest. Another example of the Gang being a bit behind the times, but when they latch onto something, boy do they latch on.

Dee had spent her whole time gathering a few crops in order to buy things such as cool finger nails and new noses, but when she asks Charlie to step in for her as she runs errands he gathers all the crops, gets enough rocks to build a wall, and even has some left-over so he can dam the river. To top it all off, he gained 31 more followers for Dee, a number that just blows her mind.

The problem with Dee’s online universe is she created the rest of the Gang as she likes to see them. Frank is a donkey, Dennis is a midget blacksmith, Mac a woman, and Charlie a jester who eats out of a trough. Charlie refuses to help her anymore when his character is in the state she made him, so Charlie creates a new character to be the King, and his character and Dee’s consummate the marriage with a slow tender press of the enter key.

Dennis shuns all the obsession with virtual worlds, and insists that they go dancing. Finally Frank and Mac give in, but much to Dennis’ dismay, there isn’t much of a dancing crowd at Oscar’s during the middle of the day. In an attempt to get the party started, Dennis does a series of shots on his own.

It was a little odd that the heavy-drinking Dennis puked and was hungover after 2 shots of whiskey, but I suppose when fueled by the spirit of an innocent young Kevin Bacon your tolerance goes down a bit. Speaking of Kevin Bacon, they ought to have had him teach Frank and Mac some moves, because they were atrocious. It was a bit disappointing that Mac didn’t use this dancing session to showcase his karate skills as he historically has.

With his new profile and status as King, Charlie has worked his way into becoming one of the most powerful players in the entire online game, a step closer to ruling the world. Frank and Mac have also created profiles. Frank’s character is willing to do sexual favors in exchange for gifts, including a crate of real peaches that he receives.  Mac creates a hulking character that attempts to fight everyone, but always gets destroyed.

Charlie decides to meet up with the second most powerful character to have a drink. She thinks he simply wants to meet someone from the game, but it turns out his plan is much darker than that. While she is away from the game, talking to him at the bar, he’s sent his villagers to pillage her village, thereby making him the unrivaled king of the virtual game.

This is the second time this season we’ve seen Charlie destroy a nice girl with an evil plan. Maybe all the years of being slighted by the waitress have finally jaded him to where he’s cynical about the whole gender. Regardless of the reason, evil Charlie is hilarious, especially when giving a girl a box of spiders.

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