It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Review: “The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6” (Season 9, Episode 9)


As funny as the jokes about Charlie’s less-than-exceptional intelligence are, sometimes Mac’s complete lack of a grasp on reality can be just as good. In this episode, he constantly feels the need to explain everything, since movies are so confusing. He has one scene with about ten minutes of exposition, and then he feels the need to explain every instance of the movie coming full circle. Rob McElhenney is spot-on in all those scenes, and I can’t remember a funnier Mac episode in a long, long time.

Any complaints I could bring up about this episode would just be nitpicking in an effort to find some sort of negative. Honestly, this is the sort of episode that has made this show so successful, and it’s exactly what should be hoped for from an episode of Sunny. They did just about everything right this time, showing even with age that the show is stronger than ever.

I had sky-high expectations for this episode and I can confidentially say that it surpassed everything I hoped for. Similar to The Gang Recycles Their Trash, this is the sort of episode that is exponentially funnier for long-time fans of the show. It should bring a lot of laughs, but with all the recurring jokes that are thrown in to appeal to fans of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, this is the best episode of the season so far, and one of the best episodes of the show ever.

Other Random Notes

  • Not the first time Top Gun has been referenced. You may remember when Dennis banged a woman in the same style as the iconic sex scene in Top Gun, and way back when the Gang danced their asses off, Charlie took everyone’s breath away with his 8th grade routine.
  • In addition to the black face and weird Australian accent, Dee felt the need to throw in a Southern accent out of nowhere.
  • Charlie’s body blending into the green screen is an awesome low-budget touch.
  • “He gonna do a rain dance and then make some money on some umbrellas” The most sinister of all villains.
  • Not only did Mac do black face, but he now did black body.
  • I’m very surprised that their efforts at getting money didn’t result in someone popping off their shirt in one of the offices.
  • Character switching? “Our audience has come to expect that from us.” I would have been quite disappointed if they had stayed in the same roles throughout the episode.

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