It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Review: “The Gang Saves The Day” (Season 9, Episode 6)

It's always sunny in philadelphia

Bringing in Josh Groban definitely makes Dee’s bit. It’s funny all along, but adding Groban takes it to another level. I’m guessing his involvement had something to do with Coffee Town, where he played the antagonist to Glenn Howerton’s lead. While we don’t get to see Groban and Dennis together, it’s quite funny to listen to him sing about how Dee is beautiful like a woman, not like a bird.

A glimpse into the mind of Dennis Reynolds is a scary thing. I firmly believe he’s the darkest and most depraved of the bunch. The start of his imaginings was very reminiscent of earlier days with Rob Thomas and Sinbad, and we all know how that turned out for Dennis’ erotic life. He’s still been thinking about that news lady after all these years, and her dominance of his vision is a great way to combine just how dark Dennis is with just how horny he is. I thought his was definitely my favorite. That is, until we got to Charlie.

If there’s one character on television I’d want to see the world as, it’s Charlie Kelly. As an illiterate, trash-loving, waitress-obsessing man, there’s a reason Charlie has become such a fan favorite. I always knew the world through his eyes would be an interesting thing, but I never realized it would be a cartoon. He gets married at the marriage store, has his rat friends build him a house and serve him cheese, and mourns every one of their deaths. Charlie Kelly truly is the king of the rats. By the time he has kids and is teaching them “Nyte Kroller Roolz,” it’s an absolutely perfect glimpse into the mind of Charlie.

The weakness of Frank’s portion aside, this is an absolutely excellent episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The show has never been afraid to step outside normal conventions and make bold moves. It gets more self-aware every season, and keeps finding ways to experiment with the format in which episodes come our way. Tonight was another step forward with that, and it worked nearly to perfection. This episode serves as further proof that this is the best comedy on television, regardless of the awards it doesn’t win.

Here’s to 100 more!

Other Random Notes

  • “What is a pun?”
  • A bunch of beefcakes leading Mac into heaven.
  • I would definitely watch Covington’s House. “Makes you want to put a gun in your mouth.”
  • Groban likes his ladies to pop!
  • Charlie’s imagination was so ripe with little hilarious details it was almost hard to keep up. I especially loved “School for Boys” and “School for Girls” and his belief that babies come from a baby store.
  • Of all the minor characters I thought might show up again this season, Rex definitely did not cross my mind.
  • The funniest part of this episode may be everyone’s decision to buy a beer at the gas station despite the fact they own a bar with all the beer they could ever desire.
  • Even Charlie still calls the Waitress “Waitress.”
  • The Waitress only owns four boxes. One for bras. One for hats.

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