Supergirl And The DC Heroes Of The CW Go To War In Full Superhero Fight Club 2.0 Video


Last week, The CW released the highly anticipated follow-up to the Superhero Fight Club video which took the internet by storm last year. Unfortunately, it was only available on their newly launched app, something which proved to be a problem for those outside of the US or without a phone capable of downloading it. Thankfully, the full version has now been released, and it’s definitely well worth a watch.

Featuring Supergirl, The Flash, Green Arrow, and characters from the Legends of Tomorrow team, the heroes soon find the odds stacked against them as Felicity Smoak, Cisco Ramone, Diggle, and Martian Manhunter push their abilities to the limit with some serious fight training.


Of course, the best thing about this video is seeing characters like Supergirl and The Atom interacting for the first time. When the former’s show launched on CBS, most DC Comics fans gave up hoping that all of these iconic heroes could end up sharing the screen, but after The Flash appeared on Supergirl earlier this year, everything has changed now that the Girl of Steel is on The CW.

We still have some time to wait before the official four night crossover takes place, but for now, this video will do nicely. Notable by his absence is Superman, but we’ll get to see the Man of Steel in action when Supergirl season two hits The CW next Monday.