Supergirl Cast And Crew Discuss The Upcoming Season


Recently, DC All Access caught up with the cast and crew of Supergirl to discuss the new superhero series that’s debuting later this evening. The amount of buzz surrounding the Girl of Steel’s solo prime time debut has been high, so even last minute hype makes fans such as myself open our ears.

Those featured in the video include, executive producer Ali Adler, Melissa Benoist (Kara Zor-El/ Supergirl), Peter Facinelli (Maxwell Lord), and Mehcad Brooks (James Olsen; don’t call him “Jimmy”). You can view the video in full at the top of this article, but here are some of its highlights.

  • Ali Adler says that while there is an overarching villain for the inaugural season, there will be “a foe every episode.” Fans can expect characters such as Reactron, Live Wire, Red Tornado, and Toyman to appear very soon. She also hints that the Toyman that will show up will have an influence on the Winn Schott character, played by Jeremy Jordan. It seems the road to super villainy has humble beginnings.
  • Peter Facinelli clues fans in on what to expect from his character, billionaire Maxwell Lord. “His agenda is to save humanity from itself. In his mind, the only way for humans to save themselves is by humans saving themselves, and not through super heroes and aliens.” He also says Lord is “more Steve Jobs than Donald Trump-ish.” Although Maxwell Lord is a unique character from the comic books, it sounds like he is this show’s analog for Lex Luthor, at least for the first season.
  • It’s well known to Supergirl fans that she and James Olsen have had a close friendship (or sometimes more) throughout various forms of media. Actor Mehcad Brooks hints at the possibility of that occurring on this show and speaks of a “love rhombus.” One has to admire a man that works “rhombus” into a conversation.
  • Melissa Benoist, Supergirl herself, says this season is really a “crash course in being a super hero.” One can only expect for her to make some rookie mistakes as she hits the learning curve while going up against some truly worthy adversaries.

Supergirl premieres tonight at 8:30 pm EST on CBS before moving to its regular time of 8:00 pm EST on Monday, November 2.