Supergirl Casts Amy Jackson As Saturn Girl


Now that the season premiere of Supergirl is just under two weeks away, more hot news pertaining to the Maiden of Might is finding its way online. Just last week, we learned that she’ll be appearing in this fall’s four-show DC TV crossover, “Crisis on Earth-X,” and, yesterday, we were treated to a healthy supply of photos taken from season 3’s opening episode.

As you may have guessed, the hits just keep on coming. According to Entertainment Weekly, Bollywood actress Amy Jackson has landed the recurring role of Imra Ardeen AKA Saturn Girl, “a kind, smart, and strong-willed hero who uses her telekinetic ability to help those in need. She was born on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, and arrives on Earth to help Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) battle one of her biggest threats.”

Mostly known to devout comic book readers, Saturn Girl has made some notable mainstream appearances in the past thanks to animated series such as Justice League Unlimited and Legion of Super-Heroes, as well as in live action on Smallville. Each time, her fellow Legionnaires have been in tow, so it wouldn’t surprise us to see a few more members of the gang show up in National City before long.

Actually, this is something we should’ve seen coming, given that the Legion ring has been teased in past episodes, and because it’s been suggested that fans of the source material know full well where Mon-El has been transported. Taking this news into account, it’s probably safe to say he’s made a few friends in the 31st century, so could appearances by the likes of Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy and Brainiac 5 be far behind?

Supergirl returns for its third season on Monday, October 9 on The CW.