Chris Wood Teases A Heroic Future For Mon-El On Supergirl


Much like its other sister shows occupying the Arrowverse, Supergirl has embraced the comic books that have inspired it by surrounding the title character with a rich supporting cast. Aside from Kara’s sister, Alex, fans have come to also love the likes of James Olsen/the Guardian, J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter and Mon-El.

And speaking of Mon-El, one could say that he was one of season 2’s breakout characters. Aside from the geeking out that came with finally seeing him in live action, he ended up forging a romantic relationship with the Girl of Steel, as well as siding with her and the people of Earth over his mother, Rhea, and the invading Daxamites. Still, all wasn’t peaches and cream for the burgeoning hero as he’s since been whisked to parts unknown, thereby leading to Kara’s coming existential crisis.

Still, one has to wonder when the former prince will finally rise up to become the hero we’ve come to know in the comics. It’s obvious that the producers have gone the route of the slow burn, which certainly isn’t a bad thing, but we can only hope to see him do more than tagging along with Kara while wearing some mundane attire as he did in season 2.

When recently speaking with CBR, actor Chris Wood touched on his character’s development:

“The whole arc of Mon-El is having him start far, far away from where Kara is and trying to watch him evolve into hopefully becoming a hero, because — as you all know from the comics — he’s sort of like Superman. He just does good and defends the day. He’s a little more jaded, I think, probably, than Superman. I think getting to start Mon-El in such an opposite place than he did in the comics I’ve read for him, that was really attractive to me. This version is a little bit different than anything I’ve read.”

It’s interesting to note how he drew comparisons to Big Blue himself. As you may be aware, Mon-El actually took over in the flagship Superman book for an extended period several years back. So, if all works out, he’ll be wearing a stylized costume before long. Plus, there was the mention of being “far, far away,” so maybe we’ll see the Legion of Super-Heroes pop up as well.

Supergirl returns for its third season on Monday, October 9 on The CW.

Source: CBR