Supergirl EP Confirms Reign’s Story Arc Is Finished


To say that last month’s Supergirl finale marked a time for change is an understatement. I mean, not only did James Olsen reveal to the public that he’s the hero known as Guardian, but we also learned why Jesse Rath will be a series regular next season and Jeremy Jordan will be on in a more limited capacity. Basically, they swapped places, with Brainiac 5 remaining in the present and Winn taking his spot within the Legion of Super-Heroes in the future.

As such, Mon-El will be returning to the 31st century, thereby providing actor Chris Woods his exit from the series. And if that weren’t enough, Odette Annable also won’t be a regular come October!

Granted, Woods’ departure came as more of a surprise than that of Annable’s, but there exist a percentage of viewers who became attached to Sam over the past year. Reign may have seen defeat, sure, but none can rule out Sam popping up at some point in a guest role following their having been separated into two distinct entities.

But in case there were any doubt in your mind, know that executive producer Jessica Queller confirmed to TV Guide in their latest Comic-Con Special of how Sam’s been given “a happy ending,” in addition to saying the Reign thing has been wrapped up:

“She’s vanquished Reign forever, she’s normal again and she and [her daughter] Ruby move to another town and start over, like at the end of a horror movie.”

Well, that sounds conclusive when it comes to last year’s big bad, but again, fingers remain crossed for at least seeing Sam at some point in the future. One can only assume that she’s either vacated her duties overseeing L-Corp, or that she’s transferred to another corporate location. Perhaps Lena Luthor will address that elephant in the room before long.

Supergirl returns for its fourth season on Sunday, October 14 on The CW.