Supergirl EP Teases How Lex Luthor Will Factor Into Season 4


After years of being referenced but not seen, Lex Luthor is finally making his Supergirl debut this season. Yes, as you surely know by now, Superman’s nemesis was recently confirmed to be rearing his bald head, leaving fans keen to know how exactly the greatest criminal mind of our time will be introduced into the Girl of Steel’s world.

It seems he’ll feed into the narrative thanks to his sister, Lena Luthor. Katie McGrath’s character has been slipping ever closer to the dark legacy of her evil family for a while now, so it makes sense that Lex’s time to be the devil on her shoulder has come. In fact, Supergirl EP Robert Rovner spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently and revealed that Lena will prove key to bringing Lex onto the show, as well as confirming that the casting process has yet to begin.

“It’s a big Lena story this season. [Lex] weaves into the narrative we’re telling. We’re excited about the possibilities of who might step into the iconic role.”

While Rovner and his team haven’t started thinking about who to cast at present, ask the internet and pretty much only one name will be suggested: Michael Rosenbaum, with many DC aficionados wanting the actor to reprise his fan favorite role from Smallville. And as cool as that would be, it sounds unlikely, as Supergirl has never simply reused a Smallville star in the same part before, though it does frequently pay homage to the prequel series.

Though we know that Lex will be introduced as an addendum of Lena’s storyline, could he also emerge as a major foe in his own right? Well, has suggested that Luthor might end up challenging President Marsdin’s presidency, now that she’s been revealed as an alien, which would recall his dive into the world of politics in the comics.

That’d certainly be interesting to see, but what role do you think Lex Luthor will play in Supergirl season 4, and who do you think should portray him? Have your say in the comments section down below.

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