Supergirl Faces A Tricky Dilemma In New Pics For “Alex”

With season 2 of Supergirl accelerating towards what we hope will be an explosive finale, things are heating up for Kara and the gang. This week it gets personal (the tagline: “It couldn’t BE more personal”) when a mysterious villain kidnaps Alex, Kara’s adoptive sister. She’s threatened with death unless Kara uses her powers for evil and busts a notorious criminal out of prison. Meanwhile, Rhea (Teri Hatcher) is hanging out with Lena Luthor, and you know that’s not going to go to happy places.

Fortunately, Alex isn’t some dizzy and helpless damsel in distress, and is determined to save herself without the help of her super-powered sister. Reports say she’s down to employ a credit card in a very creative manner and use some Navy SEAL tricks to escape drowning.

It sounds like action-packed stuff that’ll hopefully continue Supergirl’s winning streak. For my part, I’m still humming the songs from the excellent musical crossover episode with The Flash (I particularly dug the Rebecca Bloom penned “Super Friends”). Either way it’s safe to assume that they’re building up to one hell of a season finale, particularly with the much-hyped return of Kara’s more famous cousin (played by Tyler Hoechlin) and the debut of the villainous General Zod.

For now, check out the new promotional stills from the upcoming episode in the slideshow above and be sure to tune in when this episode of Supergirl airs on The CW on May 1st at 8pm EST.