Supergirl Fans Are Going Crazy For Jon Cryer’s Take On Lex Luthor

Supergirl Lex Luthor

DC fans weren’t blown away by the news that Supergirl had cast Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor at first. Apart from being most known for his comedic roles in the likes of Two and a Half Men, the previous time Cryer played a member of the Luthor family – Lex’s idiotic nephew Lenny – in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, things did not go well. Exec producers Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller promised the actor would make a great Lex, though, and – you know what – it turns out they were right.

Cryer made his Supergirl debut in last night’s latest episode of season 4, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, and fans were immediately bowled over by his performance as the Man of Steel’s eternal nemesis. Even those who were unsure about his casting were left eating humble pie halfway through the episode.

For others, it only took about five minutes for Cryer’s Lex to win them over.

Then again, another fan only needed five minutes to decide that Cryer’s a better Lex than Jesse Eisenberg was in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Many actors, like Eisenberg, have embodied the greatest criminal mind of our time over the decades, but some fans are already saying Cryer is Lex Luthor.

Now that Cryer’s made his mark on the DC universe and gone down a storm, how about spinning him off into that rumored Superman show with Tyler Hoechlin? The CW, are you listening?

Last but not least, the final word has to go to Michael Rosenbaum, the last Lex Luthor we had on the small screen on Smallville. He offered his congratulations to his successor on his great turn. And it just so happens that Cryer’s a guest on Rosenbaum’s podcast this week!

The Girl of Steel’s battle with Lex Luthor intensifies as Supergirl continues this Sunday on The CW. Don’t miss it.