Supergirl May Learn Reign’s Identity Sooner Rather Than Later


To date, the Arrowverse has seen no shortage of masked villains and, truth be told, it’ll be a long time before I forget how we waited on pins and needles before learning the true identities of the likes of the Reverse-Flash, Zoom, Savitar and Prometheus.

Somewhat continuing that tradition this year is that of Supergirl – albeit with a twist. You see, while we the viewers are in on the secret that Reign is, in fact, Samantha Arias, all other characters on the series are currently ignorant of this knowledge. Still, we fully expect the big reveal to have all of the impact of a bomb dropping once Kara and company find out their friend is behind the mask.

Now, we do know that the Girl of Steel will be teaming up with both heroes and villains next week when she ropes in Saturn Girl, Livewire and Psi for the upcoming rematch against Reign, but we can’t say for certain if that’s when the cat will be let out of the bag. If not, we hope it’s sometime soon because, lest we forget, the show will be going on hiatus until April before you know it.

Here’s what series lead Melissa Benoist had to say about the unfolding situation:

“It does seem like it’s only a matter of time. What I think is the most important is how Sam is going to react, because obviously she has no awareness of what’s happening right now. The entire arc of the season is this identity crisis for every character, so if Kara finds out about Sam, if and when, it’s definitely going to be a part of that journey.”

Do note that whenever statements such as these make their rounds, the reveal is most likely imminent, but, again, we advise that you not hold your breath. Regardless, the fallout should make for some great television, what with Sam and Reign being two distinct personalities.

Benoist also had this to add regarding whether Kara will stand by Sam:

“That would be difficult, but knowing Supergirl, and how she tends to deal with situations, and how she thinks everyone deserves a second chance, and that you can change and be a better person and a hero, I think she’ll try to help her.”

In the past, we’ve compared Reign to Smallville‘s Davis Bloome/Doomsday insofar that he, too, was an unwitting villain. But unlike him, it’s our hope that Sam can somehow be redeemed and doesn’t give in to her dark side as did the ill-fated Davis.

Supergirl airs on Monday nights on The CW.