Supergirl Meets Green Arrow And The Legends In First DC TV Crossover Promo


During tonight’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow, The CW released the first promo for the upcoming four night crossover which will take place between that show, Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow. It doesn’t reveal much about the plot, but we do get to see the first meeting between the Girl of Steel and members of both Team Arrow and the titular Legends.

That’s something most of us never thought would happen, but Supergirl‘s move to The CW has obviously opened the door to this event and possibly more taking place down the line. During the crossover, the heroes will be pitted against an alien race known as the Dominators, who it’s thought will visit Earth to somehow get involved with the rise of metahumans. Whether they want to destroy or replicate them remains to be seen, but they look set to pose a pretty significant threat if all of these characters need to work together against them.

The Flash made a guest appearance in Supergirl‘s first season on CBS, but this four part event will mark the first time she’s crossed paths with the likes of Green Arrow and White Canary. That alone is exciting enough, though given that even the Scarlet Speedster and Emerald Archer haven’t spent a huge amount of time with some of the members of the Legends of Tomorrow, we’re excited to see them interacting as well.

It all kicks off on November 28th’s episode of Supergirl, so be sure to tune in then for what will no doubt be an epic week of television!