New Supergirl Poster Shows Off Mon-El’s Latest Costume


When it comes to Mon-El, the current season of Supergirl has played host to a drastically different man than we saw last year. Gone is the former spoiled prince of Daxam who was trying to find his way on a new planet, as he’s now a more experienced superhero who’s probably had countless adventures with the Legion of Superheroes during his time spent in the 31st century. Yeah, the guy has led a pretty interesting life.

Of course, many of us expected him to don a stylish suit when he returned to the present day – and he did. But there was a catch: His threads were more comparable to Fox’s leather-clad X-Men, rather than the hero we knew from the comics. Fortunately, though, that’ll change with next week’s episode.

Now, we’d previously gotten some glimpses at his costume via a batch of promotional images, but this new poster the network has been circulating delivers what is probably our best closeup to date.

As you can see, his getup shares more than a few similarities with that of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt it if the costuming department used that as a template. Heck, it even looks like someone ripped the “S” shield off his chest and the outline remains.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if it ends up coming out that Mon-El actually did wear the House of El’s crest into battle for a time, which would make sense since his comic book counterpart did at one point. Don’t forget, the Daxamite actually headlined the flagship Superman book nearly a decade ago when Big Blue was dealing with all that New Krypton business.

Supergirl airs on Monday nights on The CW.

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