Supergirl Returns In Brand New Season 4 Premiere Photos


Supergirl returns to The CW next month for its fourth season and these promo photos, courtesy of SpoilerTV, tease what’s in store in the premiere, titled “The American Alien.”

In particular, season 4 will introduce a few new faces into National City and a handful of them are showcased in these images. First off, Nicole Maines is joining the cast as Nia Nal. As the photos make clear, the character will initially appear as a new employee of CatCo, though we know that Nia will be revealed as a superhero at some point – TV’s first ever transgender hero, to be specific. Going by the snaps, it looks like Nia and Kara will be firm pals from the off, too.

On the villainous side of things, the premiere will also see the arrival of two new foes on Supergirl’s turf: Mercy and Otis Graves (as played by Rhona Mitra and Robert Baker). The pair are based on Lex Luthor’s henchmen from the comics/the 1978 Superman movie but will here be presented as a scheming brother and sister who used to be Cadmus agents but have now gone solo, though it’s believed they’ll ally themselves with Sam Witwer’s Agent Liberty (not seen in these photos).

As for the characters we already know, the promo images tease some scenes between Kara and her friends Lena Luthor and James Olsen, who’ve been romantically involved and business partners since last season. Likewise, J’onn J’onzz is shown in his civilian form conversing with an alien. This fits with where we left him last, as the Martian resigned from the D.E.O at the end of season 3 to help spread peace instead of conflict, with Alex Danvers taking over the position of director.

Supergirl‘s premiere, “The American Alien,” airs on The CW on Sunday, October 14th. Will you be tuning in? Be sure to let us know.

Source: SpoilerTV