Supergirl Reveals First Look At New Female Guardian


Arrowverse fans know by now that it’s an unwritten rule that pretty much every supporting character on The CW’s roster of DC TV series has to become a superhero themselves at some point. Sure enough, before it bows out after its sixth season, Supergirl is set to give a new identity to one of its few main cast members yet to get one. Yes, Azie Tesfai’s Kelly Olsen is due to suit up as Guardian, taking on the mantle once sported by her brother, James (Mortal Kombat‘s Mehcad Brooks).

The CW debuted our first look at Tesfai in the Guardian costume this Friday and fans will be pleased to note that they’ve gone with a more comic book-accurate version of the suit this time, going back to the black and gold color scheme and ditching the boring grey look that James sported. The shape of the helmet is also much more in keeping with the source material.

Check it out below:

This image comes with new details about Kelly’s promotion to Guardian. Her debut in the suit and shield will happen in 6×12 “Blind Spots,” which is co-written by Tesfai herself along with producer J. Holtham. In keeping with the show’s willingness to confront social issues, this episode is said to address racial inequality, according to a statement from the network. What’s more, Arrow star David Ramsey will direct and will reprise his role as John Diggle.

Remember, Ramsey is on course to return as his beloved character across five episodes of the core Arrowverse series – alongside Supergirl, that’s The Flash, Batwoman, Superman & Lois and Legends of Tomorrow. Fans are hoping that Diggle may get his own new superhero alter ego in these outings, too, with it promised that his Green Lantern future will be addressed when he comes back.

Supergirl airs one more episode next Tuesday, May 11th before going on a break to allow for S&L to resume. The Girl of Steel’s adventures then continue on August 24th. “Blind Spots” is scheduled to premiere on September 21st.