Supergirl Season 5 Premiere Photos Show Off Kara’s New Suit

Supergirl Lex Luthor

The Girl of Steel returns in just a few weeks, and this time she’ll have an all-new outfit. After four seasons of wearing a skirt, Kara Zor-El will be switching to pants in Supergirl season 5. As revealed in previous promo images, the heroine’s latest suit feels like a blend of her previous outfit, her more famous cousin’s and maybe a dash of Captain Marvel’s, too.

We can now get a better look at the costume in action in these new stills from Supergirl‘s fifth season opener, titled “Event Horizon.” Most of the images showcase Kara facing off against some unseen enemy in an empty theater. But she’s not alone in the battle, as the images promise that all of Team Supergirl will be getting in on the fight in the premiere, as she’s joined by J’onn J’onzz, Dreamer, Brainy, Guardian and her sister, Alex.

A couple of extra images show the Olsen siblings having a heart-to-heart as well. This reminds us of the incoming casting switch this season. After being with the show since the beginning, Mehcad Brooks is leaving Supergirl as James Olsen. Meanwhile, Azie Tesfai is being bumped up to a season regular, after being introduced late into season 4.

As Brooks is on his way out, a former regular will be returning to soften the blow. After having left at the end of Supergirl season 3, Jeremy Jordan will appear for a few episodes later in the season as Winn Schott. Julie Gonzalo is also joining the cast as new superhero Andrea Rojas AKA Acrata, who we’ve been told will be different from the comics. And remember to look out for any “Crisis on Infinite Earths” foreshadowing, which kicks off this December.