Jeremy Jordan Returning For Supergirl Season 5

Supergirl Lex Luthor

A fan favorite who hasn’t been seen in a while will return to Supergirl for its upcoming fifth season. Jeremy Jordan was a regular on The CW DC show as Winn Schott, tech guy extraordinaire and best friend to Kara Danvers, until the season 3 finale. The last we saw of Winn he was tagging along with the Legion of Super-Heroes to stay with them in the far future.

But it looks like Winn’s set to find his way back to the present soon as Jordan has been confirmed to return in a guest spot in season 5. ET Online broke the news that the star, who originally left the series to pursue further projects on Broadway, would be making a comeback in a recurring capacity next season. Specifically, he’ll feature in three episodes. The bad news is that these will take place in the second half of the run, so after Christmas and the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event.

Upon exiting the show last June, Jordan promised his fans that Winn would return in season 4. However, due to other commitments, that didn’t turn out to be possible. The Supergirl team remained dedicated to bringing him back at some point, though, and now it seems they’ve found the right place to slot Schott back into the series.

In other Supergirl casting news, Andrea Brooks has been bumped up to regular status for season 6, as revealed by TV Line. It’s about time, too, as Brooks has been part of the show since season 2 as Eve Teschmacher.

For years, she seemed to be a kindly put-upon CatCo employee, but a shocking twist last season revealed that Eve has been a cunning double agent for Lex Luthor all along. Lex himself was killed by sister Lena in the season 4 finale, but his corpse was last seen being inspected by the Monitor. Will he be resurrected in time for the coming Crisis? Time will tell.

Supergirl season 5 is now in production – check out Kara’s new look in the set photos above – and is due to soar back on our screens on Sunday, October 6th.