Supergirl Season 5 Set Photos Offer Better Look At Kara’s New Suit


Supergirl season 5 has now entered production, as revealed by star Melissa Benoist earlier this week. The actress’ post on Instagram told us that Kara Danvers would be getting a whole new look in this next run of The CW’s DC TV show as well and these recent set photos now give us a better glimpse at the Girl of Steel’s new suit and appearance.

These two snaps capture Benoist in between filming in Vancouver, clad in her new costume for season 5. In contrast to the outfit Supergirl’s worn for the past four seasons, this new suit replaces the red skirt with blue pants. What’s more, Kara’s hair is now styled differently, with Benoist sporting bangs.

As with previous Arrowverse redesigns, the look has received a mixed reception online. Much like how many don’t like the removal of Superman’s trunks, some feel that the replacement of the skirt means there’s too much blue in the costume and not enough red to make it pop. There’ve also been criticisms arguing that the new suit is a blatant attempt to cash in on Captain Marvel’s success, by giving Kara a similar costume to Brie Larson’s heroine.

Like I said, though, we’ve heard this before when Grant Gustin’s Flash got a new costume at the beginning of his season 5, and most fans got used to that change after a while. Plus, it’s not like Supergirl’s look can’t develop further, as the production team do listen to the fans. Gustin has teased that he’ll be getting another suit in season 6, for instance.

Besides, a lot of others really like the revamped look and are excited to see Kara take to the skies in it in season 5. In any case, you can expect more info on Supergirls return from this weekend’s Arrowverse panels at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Source: Twitter

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