Melissa Benoist Reveals Supergirl’s New Costume For Season 5


Earlier today, we brought news that Supergirl will indeed finally don a new costume as of her show’s fifth season. In the eyes of longtime viewers, an aesthetic upgrade was overdue because such is the norm in the Arrowverse. Technically, Melissa Benoist has worn a few other suits here and there, but you can’t really count Overgirl or Red Daughter’s threads because those are different characters.

Quite understandably, we thought the big reveal wouldn’t arrive until Saturday’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, but Ms. Benoist got the jump on us all by sharing the first image of the new costume on her Instagram page. In fact, you can view it below.

As you can see, the skirt is gone, so Melissa no longer needs to worry about freezing during those cold nights filming in Vancouver. Still, the look is in keeping with what we’d normally expect from Kryptonians with a penchant for truth and justice (does this mean Heat Wave can no longer refer to her as “Skirt”?). It’s also worth pointing out she’s got a new haircut, which I sense will soon become a topic for discussion on social media.

If anything, this fall is proving to be a time for change when it comes to Arrowverse fashion. In addition to what Kara Zor-El is doing, Grant Gustin has likewise teased a new costume of his own over on The Flash. And while he, too, may let the cat out of the bag online, it’s fair to assume we’ll know more in that regard at SDCC. On the plus side, we already know what Killer Frost’s new suit looks like.

When it comes to Arrow, I was waiting to hear something about a new ensemble for Oliver Queen, but it appears he’s hanging in there with his getup worn for the past few years. Yes, there is a new Green Arrow costume on the way, but all signs point toward it being developed for Connor Hawke in the flash forward segments.

Supergirl returns with new episodes on Sunday, October 6th on The CW.