CW Producer Reveals New Green Arrow Costume Isn’t Oliver Queen’s


Given how Oliver Queen has donned a variety of costumes over the course of Arrow‘s illustrious history, I’ve been waiting for him to upgrade his threads yet again. Though his attire worn during the first three seasons was essentially the same, there were minor differences each year. Of course, you don’t need me to remind you of how he traded up at the start of season 4. And when it comes to seasons 5-7, the suit was highly similar, yet the sleeves were long.

Given that Ollie’s fallen into a comfort zone of sorts, it’s starting to look like nothing new’s on the way. Yes, there was the Dark Arrow costume favored by his Earth-X counterpart, but I’m not sure if that technically counts.

Earlier this week, my mood was lifted when consulting producer Marc Guggenheim posted some teasers for two new costumes, which can be viewed in the gallery below. It didn’t take long for viewers to conclude these are likely the next Green Arrow and Black Canary costumes to be introduced, but Guggenheim has since followed up by revealing the new Emerald Archer getup is “not Oliver’s” over on Twitter.

Based on that, it may be safe to conclude the costume in question is being developed for Connor Hawke. And while he previously wore something different on Legends of Tomorrow‘s “Star City 2046,” it’s important to stress how that future isn’t Arrowverse canon. On the plus side, he’s still likely suiting up in some capacity, as Joseph David-Jones has been promoted to series regular.

If we’re to extrapolate further, then it’s fair to say the Black Canary costume belongs to Mia Smoak. And since she and Connor are developing a romance of their own, then we can take solace in knowing that at least some version of the longstanding Green Arrow-Black Canary coupling will come out of this series.

Arrow returns for its eighth and final season on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.