Supergirl Will Wear A Brand New Costume In Season 5


Unlike her various Arrowverse compatriots who have received costume upgrades every so often, Supergirl has really stuck it out with the same one for the duration of her own series thus far. Granted, she’s worn some other attire for extreme situations and actress Melissa Benoist has suited up in alternate attire when playing doppelgangers like Overgirl and Red Daughter, but the Girl of Steel herself has hung in there with her tried and true.

To my delight, we’ve now received confirmation on some new threads being rolled out in time for the show’s fifth season. As luck would have it, this detail was revealed while Kevin Smith interviewed Benoist at Twitch Prime’s Apex Legends 2019 Crown Cup video game event, where the series’ lead talked about her work and various other topics.

Having directed several episodes of Supergirl in the past, Smith knew how hard it would sometimes be on Melissa to film with bare legs while shooting in Vancouver, where the temperature sometimes dips to 30 degrees at nighttime. It was then when both commented on the new costume to be introduced, which will apparently feature full pants as part of the scheme. Really, watch the video above and hear for yourself.

If you were to ask me, this change should’ve probably come a lot sooner, but what can we do? The original costume was perfectly fine for shooting in Los Angeles, where the show set up shop during its first season on CBS. After that, the move to Vancouver was made when The CW picked up the show, yet Benoist remained in the same getup for seasons 2-4.

You know, we probably won’t have to wait much longer for the big reveal, either, as San Diego Comic-Con does kick off this week. In fact, various Arrowverse series conduct their respective panels on Saturday, July 20th, so odds are the Maiden of Might’s new look will be on display for the world to see in season 5’s first trailer. Be sure to check back here this weekend for more on that front.

Supergirl returns with new episodes on Sunday, October 6th on The CW.