Superman And Lois Lane Confirmed For The CW’s Arrowverse Crossover


The Man of Steel is headed back to The CW for December’s three-way Arrowverse crossover – and he’s bringing Lois Lane along for the ride.

Casting for Superman’s long-time love interest is just now getting underway, though we understand former Supergirl alum Tyler Hoechlin will once again take point as Kal-El. He’ll reportedly appear in all three episodes of The CW’s annual event (no word on Lane’s screentime just yet), which will allow for big-name characters from Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash to share the screen together in spectacular fashion.

And let’s not forget about Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane (AKA Batwoman), who is all set to enter the fray this December before headlining a possible spinoff series from The CW – a spinoff series that currently has Caroline Dries and franchise architect Greg Berlant on script duties.

Closer to home, though, the network will be focused on this year’s Arrowverse crossover, which is seemingly all about character.

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Lois Lane to the Arrowverse,” Supergirl Executive Producers Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner said. “This dogged, determined and brave reporter will make for a strong partner to Superman and amazing addition to our universe of DC characters.”

The addition of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and Lois Lane is undoubtedly a huge coup for The CW’s Arrowverse crossover, as their presence will surely lend more weight to those scenes involving Kara Zor-El. It’s far too soon for Greg Berlant to begin divulging plot details, but with the Daily Planet’s finest reporter and his love interest on board, viewers can expect plenty of Superman material in the coming months.

The Arrowverse three-way crossover event begins Sunday, December 8th on The CW. And you won’t want to miss this one.