The Arrowverse Heroes Strut Their Stuff In New Super Season Promo


While the DC heroes on the silver screen have been looking a little wobbly lately, the same can’t be said for The CW’s increasingly ambitious and well-regarded Arrowverse. In just two months, we’ll get the return of The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, not to mention the introduction of Ruby Rose’s much-hyped Batwoman in the December crossover episodes.

Now, to whet your whistle, The CW’s released this new promo for the upcoming shows, in which the heroes, uh, walk through a subway station to Dangermaker’s bouncy stadium rock song “Desdemona.” It’s not exactly the most plot-heavy tease, apparently existing as a way to show off the look of the characters and give us a quick glimpse of their powers, but still, since Arrow exceeded everyone’s expectations and heralded the continuing triumph of DC’s TV lineup, the universe has expanded quite a bit and audiences may well be in need of a quick n’ breezy catch-up of who’s who and what they can do.

Perhaps predictably, the one hero we don’t get to see here is Rose’s Batwoman. That’s certainly unfortunate, as she’s no doubt the star attraction in this year’s CW line-up, already having generated many angry comments online and many column inches about the prospect of a lesbian Batwoman, despite the character having been one in the comics ever since this version of her debuted about ten years ago.

No doubt the network’s saving her reveal for later this year, which will come in some Gotham City-set episodes during the crossover. Personally, I think Rose is going to knock it out of the park, though Kate Kane’s a difficult character to screw up as long as they just stick to the comics.

If you’re after some more specifics for your calendar, The Flash and Black Lightning are first off the block on October 9th, followed closely by Supergirl on October 14th, with Arrow premiering the next day, October 15th. The last in the line-up, Legends of Tomorrow, lands on October 22nd. And those crossover episodes? You can expect them on December 9th, 10th and 11th. Suffice it to say, there’s many reasons for Arrowverse fans to be excited for the new super season!