Stephen Amell Teases Ruby Rose’s Batwoman Costume Test


The Arrowverse is about to get even bigger this fall when Batwoman makes her debut in the annual multi-show crossover before spinning off into her own TV series. The CW seems to be already plowing ahead with the new heroine’s adventures, too, as Ruby Rose was recently cast as Kate Kane. And now, it’s looking like she’s already had her first costume test.

Arrow star Stephen Amell took to Twitter this week to share a very oblique post. He wrote: “Watching someone try on a superhero suit for the first time never gets old.” The Oliver Queen actor didn’t add a hashtag or an emoji to allude to what he’s talking about here, but it stands to reason that he’s referring to Rose, suggesting he’s already witnessed the actress don her cape and cowl for the first time.

Amell has certainly seen a lot of his co-stars have to get used to wearing superhero suits everyday. The Arrowverse began with his own show before fathering multiple spinoffs like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and the related SupergirlBatwoman will be the fifth – fifth! – series that makes up the DC TV shared universe, so Amell must feel like a proud dad in some ways.

If we’re interpreting the actor’s tweet correctly, then the fact that Rose is already suiting up as Batwoman could mean we’ll get our first look at her in character very soon. We’ve recently been treated to some promo images of the Flash’s new threads for season 5, so fans are definitely excited to see what the costume designers have made of Kate’s outfit, which looks awesome on the page.

The Arrowverse crossover – which will leave out the cast of Legends – is said to be set at least partially in Batwoman‘s home town of Gotham City, the first time the iconic DC location’s appeared in the franchise, and will take place at some point in December.