Stephen Amell Welcomes Ruby Rose’s Batwoman To The Arrowverse


Though you may not realize it, this week has been one for the pop culture history books. I mean, not only did we finally meet our Batwoman in the form of Ruby Rose – the character’s first appearance in live action, mind you – but her arrival in the Arrowverse means she’ll be the first lesbian superhero to headline a TV show on a major network.

Set to first be introduced in the next major DC TV crossover this December before likely being granted her own show the following broadcast season, Kate Kane’s arrival is quite the big deal – and not just because of the reasons listed above. After all, her codename bears the “Bat” prefix, so that alone is bound generate lots of interest.

Seeing as how Stephen Amell, the Green Arrow himself, was the one to have made the announcement of Batwoman being included in the crossover at The CW’s fall upfronts this past May, it makes sense that he be among the first to welcome Ruby aboard by posting the following statement on Twitter, too:

“Hey @RubyRose — Welcome!! It’s characters like Batwoman that will carry our Universe into the future. See you soon!”

Actually, Amell has a point there, though you may not think it. With Arrow entering its seventh season and The Flash entering its fifth, it stands to reason that their respective runs will have to end at some point. But if Batwoman proves to be just as – if not more – successful, than it’ll more than likely outlive both of its sister series.

As for the new kid in town, the pilot episode of Batwoman is expected to shoot sometime during the spring of 2019. If indeed the network likes what they see, then anticipate a full series order to be made, with filming for episode 2 and beyond to commence that July. Considering that’s when all other Arrowverse series begin production, there’s no logical reason for this one to deviate from the formula.