The Batwoman TV Series Will Reportedly Begin Filming Next Spring


These days, it’s certainly easy to argue that the TV side of things makes dreams a reality more often than movies. Really, even though stories told on the small screen aren’t afforded the budgets of their big screen brethren, they offer so much more in the way of character development, not to mention introducing heroes and villains we may not have seen otherwise.

That said, you no doubt remember when the internet broke a few months back upon the announcement of Batwoman being slated to debut in the next major Arrowverse crossover. Then, the aftershocks were felt when it was revealed she’ll headline her own solo series, too, most likely to be penciled in for the 2019-2020 broadcast season.

So, even though Kate Kane has yet to be cast, that doesn’t mean The CW are slacking when it comes to mapping out the future. In fact, according to Omega Underground, cameras will begin rolling on the pilot episode sometime next spring, most likely in Vancouver. If you were unaware, that’s where most of the network’s DC shows film, except for Black Lightning, which calls Atlanta home.

Being familiar with the process, this sounds entirely believable because that’ll give the Powers That Be ample time to assess the product before rolling out their fall upfronts in May of 2019. Then, if Batwoman is ordered to series, it’ll begin shooting its second episode and beyond in July of that year.

Maybe it’s just my analytical nature, but it’s hard to forget The CW’s higher-ups saying their prime time lineup had been populated enough by DC properties. Then again, it’s probably difficult for anyone who enjoys making money hand over fist to pass up anything with “Bat” in the title. Plus, with Gotham soon taking its final bow, that’ll free up a host of villains for this series to potentially utilize.

Now, this is just speculation on our part, but it wouldn’t be at all outlandish to think the lowest rated DC TV series could be dropped after this next season so that the network can make room for Batwoman come fall of 2019. As much as the superheroes have done wonders for their ratings, nobody’s pockets are bottomless.