Supernatural Cast Tease A Very Emotional 300th Episode


I don’t know about the rest of you diehard Supernatural fans, but I imagine many out there were just as thrilled as I to learn that none other than Jeffrey Dean Morgan will return for the 300th episode in just a few weeks. Though his arc as John Winchester had been technically tied up upon the conclusion of season 2, you’d just naturally expect for him to come back after many other major and minor players have done so through various means.

Right now, the details of his return aren’t 100% clear, but it appears as though he’ll be hanging around for a short while due to some kind of wish made by Dean. Not only that, but the villainous Zachariah (Kurt Fuller) will also be along for the ride. Hey, when has anything for the boys ever been easy?

In fact, Misha Collins probably summed up the anticipation going into this milestone best when Entertainment Weekly sat down with the cast:

“My first thought on episode 300 was that the fans were gonna lose their minds. Because it’s a reunion that we’re seeing in this episode that I think we’ve all been pining for for the last 12 years. I think everyone has been waiting for John Winchester to come back, so it was a real coup to get him back. And we’re all psyched about that.”

Well, he definitely hit the nail on the head right there. Truth be told, Morgan has probably been hard to book in the time since his exit, having gone on to enjoy high profile gigs in Grey’s Anatomy, Watchmen and The Walking Dead. And as you could expect, he also had something to say:

“We’ve been talking years, since I left the show, on a way to come back and when was gonna be the right time. It was a thrill. I was so happy to be there that I didn’t want to leave once I got there.

“I think what makes Supernatural is so special is the fandom. And when you have that kind of relationship and honesty with your fans, and you give a piece of yourself to these people, it makes something very special. I mean, to do 300 episodes, it means that you have people that love you.”

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing moments fitting the description given by Jensen Ackles:

“There’s also really good moments of John seeing his sons as men, which he never has. And hearing about these accomplishments that these boys have gone through.”

Supernatural airs on Thursday nights on The CW, with “Lebanon” set to debut on February 7th.