EW Conjures Up First Photos Of Danneel Ackles Making Her Supernatural Debut


After 13 long years of battling heaven, hell and everything in between, the Winchesters have officially extended a warm welcome to Danneel Ackles, real-life partner to Jensen (Dean), who is expected to make her series debut when Supernatural season 13 returns to the airwaves next week with “Devil’s Bargain.”

Set to play a faith healer known only as Sister Jo, Ackles (Danneel, not Jensen) has landed a recurring role on the show’s thirteenth season. It’s a casting coup that first piqued the collective curiosity of the Supernatural Family late last year, when Ackles shared a candid picture of her on set alongside Dean Winchester.

Fast forward to now, and with “Devil’s Bargain” slated for a premiere on Thursday, February 8th, Entertainment Weekly has conjured up our first official look at Sister Jo standing alongside Sam and Dean Winchester. And yes, her dubious healing powers have even caught the attention of Lucifer himself, as you’ll see Mark Pellegrino’s demonic baddie prowling nearby.

It’s an episode that will surely evoke memories of season 1’s “Faith” among the Supernatural community, but even after 13 years’ worth of exorcisms, crooked angels, resurrected demons and family drama, The CW’s cult favorite is still going strong.

Between talk of a historic 14th season, which would allow Supernatural to break 300 episodes, and the fledgling Wayward Sisters, this is a series that has had its fair share of close calls and lived to tell the tale – not unlike the Winchesters themselves.

The world-famous SPN Family has officially grown by one, and you’ll be able to see Danneel Ackles make her Supernatural debut when the hit fantasy drama returns with “Devil’s Bargain” on Thursday, February 8th.

Source: EW