Supernatural Review: “Southern Comfort” (Season 8, Episode 6)


But the whole Garth thing was nothing compared to my inability to look at the screen when Amelia showed her face in hopes of it ending soon. I mentioned last week that I was warming up to her, but man did this episode take that thought to the freezer. Sam’s flashbacks were not only completely irrelevant – they don’t necessarily have to be – they were so terribly done that I had to avert my eyes on several occassions.

Sam’s reason for not searching for Dean is so trivial I’m surprised they’re still on it. He met a girl that “changed his life” by “relating to everything he’s going through blah blah blah” I don’t care! I don’t care why Sam stopped hunting and why he’s continuing to hunt so please stop making a big deal out of it and bring us more Purgatory. As much as Supernatural is trying its hardest to make us care for Amelia and sympathize with her so we can understand the reason Sam never searched for Dean, it’s not working. The only outcome so far is an incredibly whiny Sam who is experiencing stage four of spoiled little brother syndrome.

Sam’s final remark on him possibly being the hunter who will slay Benny was when I really had enough of this episode. Thank god it was over as I didn’t know how much more I could stand. The amount of “drama” created by the year the brothers spent separately is becoming stale and exhausting. With eight seasons in, this push-and-shove fighting that they always seem to recreate is sucking the life out of the show. We all know where it’s going to end up because after the Apocalypse, the slate isn’t as clean as they make it out to be. With a show using Garth to tie the past seasons together, it needs to remember that it has visited “betrayal” among the brothers before and needs to stop.

Oh yeah, I haven’t even mentioned the monster of the week. Probably because it was as eye-rolling as everything else that went down in this episode. We have another ghost who is committing a string of murders, but this time it’s a spectre, which is an avenging ghost whose only different is the color of its goo. Really? Is that supposed to make the concept of a ghost more fresh and new? Nope. Moving on.

You can see how frustrated I was with this episode as it made every possible mistake. The only good thing that came out of it was the preview for next week. I’ve been praying for Castiel to appear in the present and he has finally heard my call. I await your glory.

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