Watch: New Supernatural Trailer Teases The End Of The End


It’s the end of the end. After taking the last few months off due to the pandemic closing down production, The CW is resuming its airing of the fifteenth and final season of Supernatural this fall. And this new trailer for the last ever episodes of the record-breaking, long-running series teases the trouble that’s still to come for the Winchester brothers.

The 40-second promo, which you can see in the player above, reminds us how much the pair have been through over the years. “My entire life, you’ve protected me,” Sam (Jared Padalecki) says to his brother, Dean (Jensen Ackles), in the moving clip that kicks off the promo. “It’s the only thing I’ve ever known that was true,” he says, over flashbacks to way back when.

The rest of the teaser features a load of new footage and sets up the Winchesters’ greatest challenge yet. “You’ve fought for this whole world,” Misha Collins’ Castiel says to a stricken-looking Dean. He’s right, but this time they’ll have to do the unthinkable for the sake of mankind: kill God AKA Chuck (Rob Benedict). Well, whatever happens, like Dean quips here, “it looks like a real trip to me.”

Season 15 reached its 14th episode back in March prior to the COVID-19 outbreak forcing The CW to pull it from the schedule. Though shooting had completed on most of the run, post-production couldn’t go forward until quarantine was over. Filming resumed on the final two episodes earlier this month and will carry on through mid-September.

And then that will well and truly be it for the show. Ackles has already lined up his next gig, joining the cast of Amazon Prime’s superhero series The Boys for its third season. But fans still have seven episodes left to go before they say goodbye.

Find out how the Winchesters’ final showdown goes when Supernatural returns on Thursday, October 8th.