Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles Shows Off His Batman Cosplay

Batman Gotham

Those of you who are familiar with Jensen Ackles’ body of work outside of Supernatural should be aware of his prior history with DC Comics-based projects. Before he was ever slaying demons as Dean Winchester, he was Jason Teague on Smallville. And later down the road, he became the first man to ever voice Jason Todd in the animated movie Batman: Under The Red Hood.

Speaking of the latter gig just mentioned, Ackles played on the nostalgia of that one when cosplaying as the Red Hood last year. It’s not often you see someone embracing a character they’ve merely voiced to such a degree, so it was a treat-and-a-half to see how he’d appear as the anti-hero in a live action sense.

This time, Jensen is attempting to one-up himself by dressing up as Batman. That’s right, he went all out and got a costume of his own so that he may masquerade as the Caped Crusader. Not only that, but he showed it off in a very cool photo shoot posted to his Instagram page, which can also be viewed below.

Here’s how Ackles captioned the post:

“Wishing everyone a Happy and Long Halloween! Thanks to @arachnobite for this crazy, awesome suit and for convincing me to take these pics. (Didn’t think the hotel was gonna let us on the roof…glad they did). Stay safe out there, kids.”

I guess there’s no better time to bring this up than right now, but I’d like to see Ackles head over to the Arrowverse or some other DC-related project once Supernatural finally wraps. Co-star Jared Padalecki already has his next job lined up with Walker, Texas Ranger, so perhaps Greg Berlanti and company know just who to call if they need a Batman of their own.

Supernatural airs on Thursday nights on The CW.