Supernatural’s Jim Beaver Teases New Bobby’s Love For Mary


One thing that’s especially beautiful about the alternate reality known as “Apocalypse World” that Supernatural has recently introduced is that it allows for the series to bring back certain characters in less convoluted ways. Really, there’s no need to think up some kind of magical spell or whatnot; the fact that different incarnations of Bobby Singer, Michael and Zachariah exist in a universe next door is a simple enough concept to wrap your head around.

Naturally, it’s expected that these alternate takes on characters we’ve come to love (or love to hate) have led remarkably different lives, especially when you consider that there wasn’t a Sam or Dean Winchester around to help avert the end of the world.

Of course, there are various other notable differences that came about, chiefly due to the fact that Mary Campbell never married John Winchester, thus leading to that Earth’s Bobby Singer carrying a torch for her. What’s bizarrely funny about that is the feelings it’ll stir in “new” Bobby when he lends a helping hand to Jack and “our” Mary in tonight’s episode.

Supernatural Bobby Singer

Here’s what actor Jim Beaver had to say regarding that in a recent discussion with Entertainment Weekly:

“He’s VERY happy to see Mary because he had very strong feelings for the Mary of his world who didn’t survive. He sees Mary and Jack as new allies and of course he’s got a surprise ahead of him with Jack because Jack has unexpected qualities for Bobby. His heritage is a little suspect. So this episode will get into all of that.”

On a lighter note, the publication asked Beaver if “our” Bobby would get along with this different version, to which Beaver replied:

“Oh, yeah. I think you’ve just set up the spin-off: My Two Bobby’s. [Laughs] Although they’ve got differences because their worlds are very different and their influences over the last years have been different and the relationships have been different, they are still, at heart, the same guy with the same determination and ambitions for mankind. I think that both Bobbys are really hard-headed so I’m sure they’d bump heads. You’re making me really really want to see that show. [Laughs]”

Supernatural returns with new episodes tonight on The CW.