Is This Surprise Character Returning For The Doctor Who Christmas Special?

Doctor Who,

This year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, which will be Peter Capaldi’s final episode as the Doctor, already has someone from the show’s past returning for a cameo role – the First Doctor, as played by Harry Potter‘s David Bradley. A new report, though, states that another character will make a shocking comeback to see the Twelfth Doctor off as well.

The Mirror is claiming that Jenna Coleman will return as former companion Clara Oswald. According to the UK newspaper’s unnamed source, she’ll be coming back to give Peter “the send-off he deserves.”

“Jenna Coleman has agreed to film something new as Clara. It’s become a tradition now for the companions to reappear as the Doctor regenerates and Jenna isn’t letting the side down. It’ll help to give Peter the send-off he deserves after three years.”

A return for Clara would make a lot of sense. As it says above, a “tradition” has built up over the past few years that each Doctor’s first companion will cameo just before he changes. Billie Piper returned as Rose Tyler in David Tennant’s swansong “The End of Time,” Karen Gillan came back as Amy Pond when Matt Smith passed the torch (well, sonic screwdriver) to Peter Capaldi in “The Time of the Doctor,” and variations on this idea also appeared a couple of times in the classic era.

Adding fuel to the rumour is the fact that the story was reported on BBC Radio 2. The presenter, Steve Wright, even referred to it as being “confirmed” that Jenna Coleman was returning. It’s all sounding pretty official now, right?

We’ll have to see if this report pans out when Doctor Who‘s Christmas special airs at the end of the year, but in the meantime, tell us, are you interested in a return for Clara? Or would you rather a different character make a comeback? Let us know in the comments section.