Two Doctors Collide In Two Promo Images For Doctor Who Christmas Special

The jaws of thousands of Doctor Who fans hit the floor on Saturday night when, at the end of the already explosive season finale, the dying Twelfth Doctor encountered his past self – the original, you might say – the First Doctor. Following that shocking reveal, the BBC have now released two new promo images which confirm that David Bradley will be joining Peter Capaldi for the upcoming Christmas special.

This is Bradley’s second time stepping into original actor William Hartnell’s shoes. Bradley – most famous for playing Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch in the Harry Potter movies – previously portrayed Hartnell in An Adventure in Space and Time, a biopic based on Doctor Who‘s creation released back in 2013. The character of the First Doctor last appeared in the show itself in 1983’s “The Five Doctors,” where the role was filled by Richard Hurndall, after Hartnell passed away in 1975.

The Christmas special, which is currently untitled, will pick up where the finale, “The Doctor Falls,” left off. After defeating the Cybermen, the Twelfth Doctor paid with his life and began to regenerate. As he landed in a snowy landscape, he attempted to hold off the change. As we know, though, this Christmas he’ll finally regenerate into his successor, as Peter Capadi is leaving the show. The Thirteenth Doctor has yet to be revealed, but some state that the role has already been cast. 

In related news, set photos from filming in Wales reveal some more about the meeting between the First and Twelfth Doctors. The shots show two TARDIS machines parked next to each other. The current model is the larger one while the other one looks to be a perfect recreation of the smaller version used back in the 1960s.

Fans will have to wait until Christmas Day to see this exciting – and likely very emotional – multi-Doctor Doctor Who story unfold, but something tells us it’ll be worth the wait!