Swamp Thing Could Have Led To A Justice League Dark Spinoff Series


Fans are still reeling from the shock cancellation of DC Universe’s Swamp Thing last week, which came just days after the release of its first episode. Hype for the James Wan-produced series had been high, and the show has instantly become a critical smash – it currently sits at 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. In an ideal world, it would’ve gone on for several seasons.

In fact, we’re now hearing that this was very much the plan. According to Business Insider, those involved with the production have informed them that the hope was for Swamp Thing to last for three seasons, with a 3-year-arc possibly already mapped out. The feeling was that it could even have stretched beyond this, with various characters even getting their own spinoffs.

Fans will be most interested though – or possibly heartbroken – to know that there was talk of the series leading to a potential Justice League Dark team-up TV show. DC has been trying to give the supernatural superhero group a vehicle for years on the big screen, with filmmakers such as Guillermo del Toro and Doug Liman walking away from the project, so it makes sense that they’d think about making a TV series instead.

It was previously reported that Swamp Thing was only cancelled due to financial issues, as an expected tax rebate didn’t come through thereby making production unsustainable. Business Insider has been told by the North Carolina Film Office that budget miscommunication had “no effect whatsoever” on the show though. If this is accurate, it leads us to believe that it’s all down to the corporate reshuffling that’s going on behind the scenes.

Multiple sources – We Got This Covered’s own included – have stated that DC Universe might be at risk, as WarnerMedia is thinking of creating its own streaming service, with the DC library being folded into that. We recently shared the news that Titans is the only DC Universe original to have a chance of surviving the shutdown, but it remains to be seen what will ultimately happen.

Tell us, though, how crushed are you by Swamp Thing‘s cancellation? Let us know in the comments section down below.