Syfy Debuts First Trailer For Krypton At Comic-Con


When you take a moment to combine the current roster of Marvel and DC-related TV shows – both on air and in the pipeline – you’ll no doubt uncover a treasure trove of costumed crusaders. On the one hand, Marvel has made serious headway through its collaboration with Netflix, resulting in four standalone series in the form of DaredevilJessica JonesIron Fist and Mike Colter’s Hero for Hire, Luke Cage. With four solo shows now under their belt though, all eyes are beginning to turn toward The Defenders ahead of its bow in August.

DC, meanwhile, has found great success within the Arrowverse – an umbrella that encompasses The FlashArrowSupergirl, Vixen and Legends of Tomorrow. But there’s another show looming on the horizon, and its name is Krypton. Set to debut on Syfy at some point next year, we’d seen a leaked trailer and a brief promo for the series a few weeks back, but today, the network pulled open the lid to reveal the first official teaser, and you can check it out up above.

Though far too short, it provides a tantalizing and exciting look at the show, introducing us to a few of the main characters as we’re told to expect to “discover the lineage of a legend” when Krypton touches down in 2018. Again, there’s not a lot here to feast on, but we’re certainly intrigued and hope to learn more about it as Comic-Con progresses through the weekend.

Produced by David Goyer, the show follows our hero, Seyg-El, as he “fights to redeem his family’s honor and save his beloved world from chaos.” A journey to the fabled Fortress is on the cards, it seems, and we know that star Cameron Cuffe will be rubbing shoulders with Georgina Campbell (Lyta Zod), Ian McElhinney (Val-El), Elliot Cowan (Daron-Vex), Ann Ogbomo (Alura Zod), Rasmus Hardiker (Kem), Wallis Day (Nyssa-Vex) and, finally, Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em.

Krypton is on target for a 2018 premiere via Syfy. We’ll keep you posted if and when the network nails down a specific due date but for the time being, you can share your knee-jerk reactions to this brief new trailer via the comments section.