Synopsis and a new still from next ‘Attack on Titan’ episode tease an intense showdown

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Our favorite Attack on Titan characters have gotten themselves into quite the predicament in the ongoing second part of the final season, and the synopsis for the next episode teases that things are just going to get darker in this twilight.

After more than a year, this week’s 76th episode, “Judgement,” picked up exactly where the previous episode had left off in early 2021. Following Marley’s surprise attack on Paradis, Eren Yeager decides to stand and fight against the Armor and Jaw Titans. Captain Hange, meanwhile, finds a heavily wounded Levi and manages to escape the Yeagerists. Now, with Eren pinned down against overwhelming odds and the Eldian soldiers falling down like flies against the superior might of Marley, it will be up to the imprisoned members of the Survey Corps and possibly Zeke to get Eren out of this ordeal.

The official website for Attack on Titan (or Shingeki no Kyojin) has posted the synopsis for next week’s episode 77, “Deception,” and it teases many possible revelations to come. There’s also a new still of Armin and Mikasa, which you can check out below.

Is Mikasa’s desire to help Eren genuine? What exactly is Eren fighting for as Titans continue to collide in battle? As Marley’s surprise attack continues, soldiers head onto the battlefield with weapons in hand.


Personally, we can’t wait to find out what happens to Eren in the upcoming episode or how his long-time friends get dragged into the fight again, though our money’s on next Sunday’s outing also ending in a cliffhanger.