‘Attack on Titan’ fans rejoice at the anime’s return

Attack on Titan Thumb
by Keane eacobellis

Warning: Spoilers to follow.

After an extended break Attack on Titan is finally back, offering anime fans their first introduction into the last part of this iconic series.

Today, the first episode of Attack on Titan season four part two aired and fans couldn’t get enough. From the opening credits, the episode had it all and has quickly drawn fans back into its fantasy world.

From the beginning to end, fans couldn’t help but rave about the show’s latest episode, its stunning visuals, and its ever-unfolding plot. However, as those that have seen it will know, it wasn’t the happiest episode. Some minor spoliers below.

The new episode set up massive events that will continue into next week’s episode and ultimately the events for the rest of the series.

In 2021, Attack on Titan’s manga reached its conclusion and the anime has since endeavored to ride out this story on the screen for fans with its final season.

Attack on Titan season four, part one wrapped up airing in May last year, and in the eight months since that time fans have been eagerly awaiting more.

Now in its final part, the show is set to debut new episodes weekly with 12 scheduled for the run meaning that it will likely wind up running to its completion in March. There are plenty of places where you can stream Attack on Titan including Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and Adult Swim.

If you can’t help yourself and are looking to see how the story unfolds early then you can check out the Attack on Titan manga in its entirety via your usual manga suppliers.