Tala Ashe On Whether Legends Of Tomorrow’s Villains Can Be Redeemed


It’s been said that the greatest villains are those who are heroes in there own mind, but in the case of Legends of Tomorrow, we’ve been reaffirmed there are those who are pure evil. Rest assured, this likely applies to the demonic Mallus, and even though there’s some room for love in Damien Darhk’s heart, he’s still one bad dude.

On the flip side, there are those like Kuasa and Nora Darhk, both of whom we’ll discuss in a moment. But first, let’s hear from actress Tala Ashe, who recently commented on whether her character of Zari Tomaz thinks her foes are capable of redemption:

“I think she’s deeply compassionate. She’s very wary of people, but she doesn’t want to believe that all people are bad even though she has had a tough time of it. She’s slow to trust people, but in the previous episode even though she knows she’s looking at Nora, she sees that young Nora doesn’t know what’s going to happen to her. I think that she actually has a lot of compassion for people, but there’s definitely a skepticism that runs through her because of where she comes from.”

As we learned during last night’s episode, “Here I Go Again,” Zari finally feels as though she has a place on the Waverider, in addition to having a newfound respect for her teammates. That said, her epiphany may indeed force her to look at those she’s fighting in a different way in the coming weeks.

Of course, you saw that she mentioned Nora Darhk, just as we did. In the recent episode in which John Constantine appeared, we saw her as a child, scared and reluctant to embrace Mallus. Because of that, many of us may think that little girl still exists deep down and she can be pulled back from the abyss. The same could be said for Kuasa, who’s always done what she feels is the right thing – at least in her mind. Only time will tell if either woman will do an about face on Mallus, but hope springs eternal.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on Monday nights on The CW.