M. Night Shyamalan’s Tales From The Crypt Reboot Gets Ten-Episode Order From TNT

crypt keeper

M. Night Shyamalan’s reboot of the classic anthology series Tales From The Crypt is officially moving forward at TNT, with the network picking up the series for a 10-episode first season. Based on the original EC Comics series, the new show will be hosted by “a newly reinvented Crypt Keeper,” with Shyamalan acting as executive producer.

Horror fans have more to be excited about, however, because the episode order for Tales From The Crypt wasn’t the only move TNT made today in cementing its genre cred. The network also announced two new series – Time of Death and Creatures – which are set to function as a programming block of horror for its viewers.

Time of Death will be another anthology show, this time focused on each season taking viewers hour-by-hour through one single, “long night of hell.” So, like 24 but with maniacal, axe-wielding serial killers. The first season concerns one such maniac who returns to his midwestern hometown to exact revenge on the community he believes destroyed his life.

Like American Horror Story before it, subsequent seasons will stick with the tone but shift to different subgenres of horror after the first year’s ode to 1980’s slasher films. Guy Busick and R. Christopher Murphy wrote the pilot and will run the season.

Creatures, on the other hand, sounds creepily topical and is described as a psychological thriller about two best friends who tried to remove their classmate’s heart as a sacrifice to an Internet bogeyman called Mr. Gorgi. Fifteen years later, the girls return to their small Alaskan hometown and begin to think that maybe Mr. Gorgi isn’t so made-up after all. This one is written by Dominic Mitchell, with Tom Shankland in talks to direct.

M. Night Shyamalan will serve as an overall producer on all the properties set to come out of TNT’s new horror block, which the network says is due to premiere sometime in 2017. Call me crazy, but I’d say they’re probably shooting for a Halloween debut?

We’ll let you know when any more announcements come out for Tales From The Crypt, Time of Death, or Creatures, so stay tuned.

Source: The Wrap