Doctor Who Season 12’s Introducing Some Changes To The TARDIS

Doctor Who jodie whittaker

Leaks are the bane of every yet to be released media entity. Well, every yet to be released media entity except Deadpool.  This one concerns the forthcoming twelfth season of Doctor Who though, a run due to start on New Year’s Day.

Of course, Doctor Who has long been afflicted by all manner of leakery; I vividly remember black and white copies of Peter Capaldi’s first episodes in the TARDIS finding their way onto computer screens prior to airing (but definitely not mine. That would be illegal, obviously).

What was in this particular disgruntled worker’s cache, you ask? Well, some unseen shots of the TARDIS in the new season – with some notable changes to its season 11 incarnation. Though the BBC were swift to scrub the images and its traces from as many places as feasible, they couldn’t do it quickly enough to prevent keen spectators putting their observations in print. For those who missed the leaking boat (who can blame you?), or those who can’t or refuse to do the necessary digging, Doctor Who TV have spilled the leaky beans to get you right up to speed. Unless you don’t want to hear anything about the new season. And if that’s the case, why are you still reading this?

Anyways, the new TARDIS interior appears as follows:

“A fifth, massive crystalline “finger” now points down from the ceiling at the console. That’s acquired some nifty new screens, which work by projecting imagery onto steam, emitted from what looks suspiciously like lines of cut-down plastic straw.

Dodgy special effects in Doctor Who? Never.

“The control room has also acquired another level,” says the leak. “Ascending a set of gold hexagonal steps at the back takes you to a platform leading to the rest of the ship; the railing around it features yet more hexagons.”

So, there you have it. If you’re disappointed at the lack of images, I heartily apologize, but I’m going to assume if you were that desperate to see them, you probably already have. I hope this dynamic description of the updated console room leaves those opting for the middle ground between spoiler-gushing and stonewalling suitably satiated. Those who aren’t, well, I can offer you one comfort: Doctor Who season 12 is less than a month away.