Taylor Swift To Guest Star On New Girl’s Season Finale

This season of New Girl has seen an array of impressive guest stars including Olivia Munn, Nick Kroll, Brooklyn Decker, Nate Corddry, David Walton, Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis, among others. All those actors have brought something fresh to the show, and it’s made for a very enjoyable season. The newest star that will join that impressive list is Taylor Swift, as the singer will appear in the season 2 finale.

While we don’t specifically know what Swift’s role is, we know she will play an “important guest” at Cece’s wedding (which, for the record, I’m still predicting doesn’t end in “I do”s).

Swift’s previous acting appearances include an appearance on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a role in Valentine’s Day, and a voice role in The Lorax.

This season of New Girl has been an excellent one so far. While the first season was very enjoyable, this year the show has really come into its own and blossomed into one of the most brilliant shows on TV. Week after week the episodes have been hilarious and heartfelt, a mix which every similar show shoots for, but fewer and fewer are able to achieve.

As for Swift’s appearance, I’m honestly a little hesitant about it. While I don’t hate her music, I haven’t seen much from her to prove that she’s a quality actress. Perhaps that’s just because it’s impossible to take her serious in her over-the-top music videos. That being said, with the success the show has shown at picking its guest stars, it’s more than likely that Swift’s appearance is going to be a quality one.

What do you think of Taylor Swift showing up on New Girl? Are you excited for the season finale? As always, share your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.