Team Arrow Reunites In New Images From Next Episode


To say that the past few months have been a trying time for Team Arrow is quite the understatement. I mean, Oliver Queen was able to get by when Mr. Terrific, Black Canary and Wild Dog decided to go off and do their own thing, but the exit of Thea compounded with John Diggle’s decision to sign up with ARGUS was almost too much for the Emerald Archer to take. For a brief period, he went back to basics, but it appears we’re ready to return to the status quo now that he’s been acquitted of all charges.

In fact, one could say Ollie’s recent trial is what helped pull the team back together. After all, it forced each hero to step back and examine the situation from a different perspective, with some of them likely pondering what it’s like to be in the other’s shoes. If anything, it did wonders to smooth over things between Oliver and Rene, both of whom have children to think about while they continue their vigilante lifestyle.

Not surprisingly, a sore loser in Ricardo Diaz is now targeting the team and those they hold most dear. A tense promo already hinted that all hell is about to break loose, and now some newly released images from next week’s episode corroborate that notion.

As you browse the accompanying gallery, you’ll really get the idea that Star City is being turned into a warzone. Plus, you’ll be treated to some sharp images of Stephen Amell in full costume, a few of which are good enough to serve as wallpapers for either your phone or computer.

For more on “The Ties That Bind,” be sure to check out the official synopsis:

DIAZ AIMS FOR TEAM ARROW AND THEIR FAMILIES – Diaz (guest star Kirk Acevedo) targets Team Arrow and their loved ones. Oliver (Stephen Amell) struggles with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) putting herself in danger when she gets the chance to stop Diaz for good. Tara Miele directed the episode written by Ben Sokolowski & Oscar Balderrama (#622). Original airdate 5/10/2018.

Arrow airs on Thursday nights on The CW.

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