First Teaser Trailer For This Fall’s Arrowverse Crossover Arrives


A few short years ago, Arrow was merely but a standalone show on The CW – and superpowers didn’t exist in that universe. Obviously, that changed before long when Barry Allen was introduced in season 2, thereby serving as a springboard to his own hit series, The Flash. And, in the time since, what’s been appropriately dubbed the “Arrowverse” has expanded with the likes of Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. Well, the latter is technically part of a broader multiverse, but that truly illustrates just how far we’ve come.

Something else about this shared continuity that’s delighted a multitude of viewers is that of the crossovers it’s lent itself to. Each fall, the heroes of the Arrowverse unite to take on a threat too big for any one of them, with each subsequent year’s offering becoming even more grandiose than the one that preceded it. That said, you can imagine our delight upon learning the premise of “Crisis on Earth-X.”

And since those first details emerged, we haven’t had too much to go on, save for some leaked set photos here and there. But now, with three weeks remaining until showtime, the network has put out a (very) brief teaser trailer showing their heaviest hitters once again coming together.

Obviously, meatier helpings will surface in the coming weeks, but if you pay close attention, you will catch quick glimpses of someone who’s either Earth-X’s Dark Arrow or Prometheus. Also, what appears to be Killer Frost kicking some butt is included.

The DC TV crossover event is scheduled to begin with Supergirl and Arrow on Monday, November 27, and concludes with The Flash and Legends on Tuesday, November 28 on The CW.