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Teen Wolf Casts Rekindles Nostalgia As Series Finale Anniversary Looms

Many fans want a continuation of the original series, and Tyler Posey has already confirmed that he'd love to return to the role of Scott.

What originally started out as a ’90s classic quickly turned into a fan-favorite supernatural drama. MTV’s reboot of Teen Wolf premiered in 2011 and starred fresh-faced actors Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien. It ranks among other teen shows of the time such as Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries, both of which have active fandoms to this day. While not an instant hit, Teen Wolf built a strong fandom and ran for a hundred episodes. Even though it’s over, fans still gush about just how amazing it was and how desperate they are for a seventh season.

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This Friday marks the anniversary of the show’s series finale, and as such, a lot of the original cast members have taken to social media to post their memories from the show. Holland Roden, who played the banshee Lydia Martin, posted memories from season three today and tagged both Tyler Posey (Scott McCall) and the show’s creator, Jeff Davis.

With over three thousand comments, fans were quick to express their love and excitement for Roden, Teen Wolf, and of course the fan-favorite ship Stydia (Stiles & Lydia). It was a slow-burn ship that fans had to wait until the final season for, and a lot of these Stydia shippers want to see more of their favorite couple.

Even Jeff Davis has been posting each day leading up to the four-year anniversary on Friday. Each of his posts has been dedicated to a certain season of Teen Wolf and summarizes some of its major moments.


This, of course, is only eliciting more fan response and desperation for additional Teen Wolf content. Ever since the Teen Wolf Twitter account changed their header, fans have speculated that a new and final season, or even a movie, is in the works.

While some Twitter users are voicing their excitement and hope for a new season, others are worried that these posts are simply for the memories and have no bearing on us getting a new season. After all, in an interview with MTV, Jeff Davis claimed that he was done telling Teen Wolf‘s story, so fans have a right to be skeptical.

There are many different theories about what could happen with season seven if it happens at all. Many fans want a continuation of the original series, and Tyler Posey has already confirmed that he’d return to his role as Scott. But like Twitter user @S5iles says, it’s more likely that we’ll get a reboot than a continuation. After all, it’s been four years since the show ended and it would be hard to get the entire cast back in their roles.


Posey could still reprise his role and be the true alpha he’s always been, he just wouldn’t be the lead anymore since he’s no longer a teen. He did say that he could see Scott as the high school lacrosse coach, so that’s an idea. Anything is possible, and Teen Wolf fans are holding out hope for new content, whatever it may be.

What do you think? Are we getting new Teen Wolf content or is the cast just being nostalgic? If so, do you want to see a reboot or a full-blown Season 7?